What we’re spending the money on

We’d like to be transparent about what we’re spending the money of this crowdfunding on. The total budget of the conference is around $500,000. Of this some is from Mark’s businesses, about $100-150,000 will come from sponsors (we have taken $90k of this already), we are taking $100,000 loans at low interest from supporters, and we hope to raise 150,000 from this crowdfunding. This is very roughly spent on:

  • Staff wages (40 people and not including Mark and Daniela who only get paid at the end if a success): $100,000 – the crowdfunding means we can give core admins better pay and up front
  • PR and ads (mostly Facebook): $200,000 – this we have money for already
  • Tech build: $75,000 – this is key to the crowdfunding
  • Translation and interpreting $50-75,000 – this is key to the crowdfunding
  • Other: $50,000
Expenses (rounded)in $
Community Building20,000
Conference platform and hosting20,000
Video Postproduction25,000