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Making the world’s embodied wisdom available to

Phase 1 Target: $75000
Stretch Target: $150000

100% funded
out of $150,000.00 raised

Time remaining


Get access to the Embodiment Portal

What if you could learn from the best teachers in the world without travelling or spending a fortune?

You can through the portal, which is like your embodiment university and netflix combined.

If you get in there early (which helps us out), you can grab a ridiculously good deal – see below.

All the best from Brighton,

I just want to help – $19

  • Video: working with the body for facilitators (5 hour workshop, professionally filmed – normally $55)
  • Books: The infamous Embodiment – Moving Beyond Mindfulness pdf (normally $16).
  • “Living Room” sessions with Mark or Daniela to ask any questions and connect with the community
  • A thank you. Really, it’s appreciated (priceless!)


A great way to meet brilliance and have fun with people who care about being humans - including our animal nature, our bodies.

Martha Eddy - Somatic Movement Therapist, USA

Dolphin-rider Sensei – $149 (150 person goal)

For people who love one approach to embodiment – e.g. yoga teachers, conscious dance teachers or coaches

  • All books and the video above
  • ALL presentations from the 2018 conference now (normally $250) – 137 hours of content including Ken Wilber, Tom Myers, Irene Lyons, Tara Judelle, Philip Shepherd, and more
  • BONUS: Trauma Course – Introduction to trauma for facilitators – 3 hour course (normally $35)
  • BONUS: Marketing for facilitators course (2.5 hours – normally $35)
  • Invite to a more intimate 3-day mini-conference in September – it’s a “warm up” event but will include many of our top speakers. This is just for donors, and will ensure small groups where you can ask questions
  • Choose ANY one of our ten channels (Coaching & Therapy, Yoga, Leadership & Business, Dance & Creativity, Trauma & Social Change, Intimacy & Relationships, Martial & Healing Arts, Meditation & Breathwork, Movement and Anatomy, Ecology & Research)
    and get access to all the recordings on that topic – 100 sessions yours for keeps from October (worth $150)
  • ALL Rockstar headliner’s recordings Including Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Peter Levine, Gabor Maté and Daria Halprin (in October, worth $150)
  • BONUS: the upcoming conference book – this is the collection of top tips we’ll make from all 1000 speakers! (normally $12.99)
  • BONUS: Breathwork or trauma day recordings with Stephen Porges, Dan Brulé, Anthony Abbagnano, Giten Tonkev, and Simon Borg-Olivier
  • “Living Room” sessions with Mark or Daniela to ask any questions and connect with the community
  • Unsupervised peer-led marketing group
  • Recording of one day Embodied Parenting Day (normally $70)
  • Recording of Centring Week (normally $35)
  • Recording of Purpose Bootcamp Workshop ( normally $40)
  • No actual dolphins – fish are hard to post. Yes, I said fish!

TOTAL VALUE: $858.99

“Thank you, thank you for the incredible work you are doing at the conference. So happy to be part of this global embodied tribe”

Dr Ela Manga - South African breathworker

For embodiment life-long learners and professionals who love many kinds of embodied work, and want to see the movement moment grow

  • FULL LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE EMBODIMENT PORTAL – ALL of the conference library (all presenters), elegantly arranged for ease, with full session notes and clear learning pathways…FOREVER. This “embodiment university” is for professionals, and will sell for $999, so $399 is a steal here. See details of the shiny portal magic HERE.
  • ALL Dolphin bonuses
  • BONUS tutorial group access to aid your “university” learning where you can ask questions of a tutor who knows the content ($199 per year)
  • BONUS: Recordings of all 2020 one-day events – breath-work, trauma, resilience etc (about $300 total normally)
  • BONUS: Online courses – Ethical Marketing for Facilitators (worth $120) and trauma master teacher’s Paul Linden’s online video course (15 hours worth $70), plus any other two courses from the shop
  • BONUS: T-shirt and mug proving you’re in The Conscious Contributor Club, to wow your friends with!!!!! Get the AWESOME PRESTIGE ($40)
  • “Living Room” sessions with Mark or Daniela to ask any questions and connect with the community
  • Unsupervised peer-led marketing group
  • Free throwing stars for your kids to play with. Really Sandra will post them to you with a legal disclaimer ($15)

TOTAL VALUE: $2492.99

NB: If you already have done a course we will offer an alternative that you want

GUARANTEE: If you don’t think all this is worth it Mark will go live on Facebook and admit to blowing dolphin holes and apologise to the unicorn community

I have attended many on line conferences but this was different; I found the live sessions particularly engaging and connecting.

Karen Shekel - Coach, UK

Zoom-Fu Grandmaster of Teaching Amazeballs – $1999 (only 30 available)

Really for the mega embodiment geeks who live and breath this stuff 24/7 and know in their bones embodiment is a force for social good

  • Total of THREE ONE-ON-ONE coaching sessions from three different presenters, Mark or Daniela. Choose from this list of lovely speakers. Note: its first come first served basis and each presenter only has 4 spaces (value about $750)
  • Post your own events on our huge conference FB group (1 per month)
  • ALL Ninja bonuses
  • ALL of Mark’s Walsh’s future online webinars (worth approx. $5000) for three-years + 1 year of all 1-3 day face-to-face trainings for 2021 (approx $2000)
  • BONUS: Foundations of Embodiment Course place next Spring (worth $1200)
  • BONUS: Embodied Yoga Principles silky smooth online teacher training course (worth $1000)
  • BONUS: EVERYTHING in the embodiment shop until the end of the year (worth over $800 now, and we add things most weeks) 
  • BONUS: Dinner with a group in London, Amsterdam, Moscow or NYC (…or your town when I’m next there) (value $150+) – Mark’s paying and will make you really drunk/fat while telling the rudest jokes even he doesn’t say online
  • Ask a question of a top presenter (Levine, Mate, Bainbridge Cohen etc).
  • T-shirt and mug (!!!) Limited edition Zoom-fu Grandmaster style
  • Personal thank you video from Mark/Daniela, and YOUR NAME on our “Roll of glory!” …we don’t know exactly what that is yet but it’ll be public and embarrassing
  • “Living Room” sessions with Mark or Daniela. As well as the awesome prestige of forever being a conference Zoom-Fu Grandmaster you get exclusive access to monthly, extra small group sessions with the conference organisers and presenters (including access to our leader’s lounge green room during the conference).
  • Embodied Marketing Assistance Package – includes 1-1s with Mark and Daniela and access to a peer group, for more details click here
  • Long white beard to wear on calls so people respect your Zoom-Fu Grandmaster status! Really, we’ll post you one

TOTAL VALUE: $11,182.99

NB: If you already have done a course you may choose an alternative from upcoming long term courses

GUARANTEE – If you get this package and think the extras alone aren’t worth the money – we will refund you AND give you free access to the conference portal

If you are a life coach, facilitator, or yoga instructor, The Embodiment Conference is indispensable.

Joran Oppelt - Interfaith minister/facilitator, USA

FULLY Enlightened Guru God-Emperor of TEC – $15,000 (only 3 available)

For well-off patrons of this field who’d love to support it to thrive as a global movement.

OK, strap on…this is gonna get really silly…

  • EVERYTHING ABOVE (worth about $10,000 total) including full portal access
  • ALL Mark’s Walsh’s face-to-face courses for LIFE including The Embodied Facilitator Course (worth $6000*), and at least five courses a year on coaching, yoga, resilience and life purpose (estimated value £1000 per year)
  • Mailing list access (currently 130,000 people) to promote your work (if relavent to the TEC audience) or a charity of your choice (this is hard to calculate but is VERY very valuable)
  • 4 coaching sessions with Mark, or Daniela (normally $1000)
  • 4 coaching sessions with a presenter – you get first pick (estimated usual price $1000+)
  • Corporate online event for your organisation
  • Love poem from Mark or Daniela (priceless!!!).
  • Michelin Star dinner with Mark in London (or you town when I’m next there), or with one of the presenters if we can set it up…look, if we’re paying they’ll likely say yes!
  • Speaker slot if desired and you’re any good (literally impossible to buy in any other way, people have tried)
  • Your own TV show about your exotic animal park and tea with the Queen of England…OK, we can’t do that but you totally DESERVE that if you give us $15,000.
  • Crown and cloak for you to wear during the conference…or just to go to the shops if you want to get starred out, whatever you freak!

TOTAL VALUE: $19, 682.99

*interview still required for suitability, $6000 given back if not a good fit

Note: We get this last one is kind of a big buy, so if you’re debating this feel free to contact Mark or Daniela by emailing Agi for a chat to see if it’s a good fit. 


We understand that some people might be unable to make a donation but would still like to support us.

In that case we’d be incredibly grateful if you shared this page with your network. Thank you! 

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What people said about The Embodiment Conference 2018

I am a black British woman (not in the first flush of my youth). I celebrate my sense of belonging, acceptance, shared exploration and respectful consent and choice that pervades The Embodiment Conference...I'm inspired to have colleagues here whose work I value and I can collaborate with.

Ronhild de Brito - Coach, London

I was amazed by the energy and diversity the conference drew together.

Shirley Smith - Austria, Scotland

You managed to create an open yet safe space for learning, exchange and sharing. It was generous, genuine, real and well-organised. THANK YOU!

Tanya Steklova - Coach & Editor, UK

The Embodiment Conference is by far the most comprehensive and highest quality free content out there! It values community, knowledge and experience - all needed values in our time.

Patricia Aguirre - Yoga teacher, Mexico City